You require accurate, timely financial and operational data to make strategic decisions. Why not demand the same from your workforce analytics? Get closer to your workforce data with a system that brings it all together.

  • Drive EBITDA

    Paycom can help by lowering your labor costs and federal tax liabilities.

  • Lower Labor Costs with Better Business Intelligence

    On-demand analytics help you to be proactive versus reactive on all areas affecting your workforce and labor costs. Report on recruiting, hiring, turnover, performance, compensation, benefits, payroll, overtime, labor distribution and more. Report across multiple years and FEINs in HTML, PDF, CSV and Excel formats.

  • Generate Tax Credits

    Prescreen job candidates for instant eligibility potential and Paycom handles the administrative burden of securing the employment tax incentives. You benefit from the tax credits generated with a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your federal tax liability.

  • Empower Your People

    With better access to data and lower administrative burdens, employees can focus on the more strategic initiatives of your organization.

Is your HR technology helping or hurting your ability to engage employees? You need one solution for the complete employment life cycle, from recruitment to retirement. See how the right human capital management technology can make your business smarter. Paycom: It’s All About Your People.
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