We’re here to help you succeed. With simple, convenient access to all your payroll and HR data, you can reduce the time spent processing payroll and dealing with employee requests for information. Our commitment to personal service gives you the live help you need when you need it.

  • Provide Unlimited Users with Online Access

    Distribute the administrative burden of entering data among multiple users to approve timesheets, run reports, process payroll, make changes and more, anytime from anywhere.

  • Reduce Paperwork

    Replace paper checks and pay stubs with direct deposit and online pay history; eliminate paper timesheets and time-off requests; implement online expense management and benefits enrollment.

  • Reduce Time Spent Processing Payroll

    Automatically populate payroll with timesheet data, expense reimbursements and more. Verify payroll prior to processing and, if needed, make payroll changes without starting over.

  • Run Comprehensive Reports

    Report in real time on all areas affecting your workforce and labor costs. Report across multiple years and FEINs in HTML, PDF, CSV and Excel formats.

  • Get Expert Help When You Need It

    Rely on your dedicated specialist when you need help with payroll or any other Paycom service. We do not use an automated phone system, case numbers or voicemail to serve you faster.

Regardless of the complexity of your current processes, Paycom can streamline payroll and HR into one online application. See for yourself why Paycom's technology has made us the fastest growing payroll company in the country.
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