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Talent Acquisition

Efficiently find, hire and onboard the talent you need to drive peak business performance.

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Time and Labor Management

Match labor to demand and give employees the work-life balance they want.

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Go with a payroll provider who can help pay your people accurately and on time.

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Talent Management

Develop committed employees who dive into their work and do great things for your business.

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HR Management

Build a better employee experience by automating core HR tasks and focusing on your people.

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Paycom Reviews

Thousands of happy customers

We Should’ve Switched Sooner!

Andrew, VP of Finance

Food Industry

“When we sat down and reviewed all the great features Paycom could offer us, we were blown away! Some of the biggest growing pains we have had as we've expanded the business the last few years could be easily solved. The only regret is not switching sooner and making our lives easier. Our Paycom team delivered on everything they said they would. I highly recommend Paycom's products and services!"

We Evaluated 12 Payroll Services and Paycom Won

Jan, HR and Office Manager

Professional Services

“We were very thorough in our process of selecting an HRIS/payroll system to make sure we had the right fit. Securing a good product, one that fulfilled our human resource needs from start to finish, was extremely important to us. We started with 12 vendors and narrowed the field to two. Paycom won our business for several reasons, mainly due to their reporting capabilities and ease of website use, both administratively and for employee access.”

Payroll Reporting Sold Me

Sue, Director of Human Resources

Food Industry

“It is my pleasure to recommend Paycom. The report writer portion of the system is what really sold me on Paycom. It is actually in English instead of codes and difficult formats. You simply click on pieces of the report that you want and it does the rest. I no longer dread having to figure out how to put a report together. In the past we have used three other vendors. I highly recommend Paycom, it's systems and it's team. Job well done!”

Single-Database Payroll Software

Danyra, Human Resources Officer

Educational Services

“We made the decision to switch from ADP to Paycom. We chose Paycom because we could utilize their Payroll products in a single-database solution.”

Paycom Is Leading the Charge in Payroll

Tim, Owner

Professional Services

“Paycom is a company that you can count on to be professional, reliable and trustworthy. As a former COO, I understand what superior customer service is and what it requires. And, as a reference account, it is easy to say that we are quite pleased with our experience and results. Paycom is leading the charge on improved payroll and HR outsourcing. They will eat the competition for breakfast!"

Smooth Transition to Manage Payroll

Cindy, President

Financial Services

“We are very pleased with Paycom and are extremely impressed with the professional team you have on staff, who diligently worked to ensure an easy and smooth transition and training process.”