What This Content Covers

  • The Stakes

    Meet the employers who found out the hard way that improper administration of garnishments cost them big – one of them to the tune of $1.2 million!

  • The Steps

    Responding to an order of garnishment isn’t as simple as it may sound. Do you know the 15 steps involved?

  • The Stats

    Learn what typical garnished employees have in common … and the industries most likely to have the highest number of them.

  • The Spotlight

    Dive deeper into two of the most common garnishments: child support and student loans.

  • The Standards

    Which states ban garnishments for consumer debt? In which cases can Social Security payments be garnished?

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Garnishments are a risky business, with serious consequences if administered improperly. Alleviate the headache of the complex administration process by letting Paycom’s garnishments team handle them for you!

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