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In the News

Paycom will pull advertisements at the University of Oklahoma in the wake of racial tensions on campus, and after “meaningless statements” on the controversy by the school’s interim president.

Chad Richison has spent a lifetime thinking outside the box. The founder, president and chief executive of Paycom spoke to members of the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City on Tuesday about his early adventures in entrepreneurialism and the spirit that carried him to the top of his industry.

It’s a bright morning in early November at Around the Corner, an old-school diner in the red-brick college town of Edmond, Oklahoma. The walls are plastered with college football pennants, but Chad Richison has a different contact sport on his mind. “It takes a lot of humility to just walk out on the wrestling mat […]

These and many other fascinating findings are from Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2020 Employee’s Choice Awards announced today.  During the year-long eligibility period, employers considered for the large list must have received at least 75 ratings and employers considered for the small & medium list must have received at least 30 ratings, respectively, for each of […]

Security is not subtle at the sprawling campus of human resources technology giant Paycom in Oklahoma City. Off-duty police officers roam the grounds, bolstering the company’s own force of armed guards. A basement command center that looks like something out of a spy movie is filled with video screens showing feeds from hundreds of security […]