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Employee Spotlight: Meet Austin

Ashley Jezek | August 19, 2022

As employees around the world return to their corporate spaces after working remotely, Paycom team members are reflecting on what makes their return special. One of those employees is Austin, a senior recruiter at Paycom.

Austin did his undergraduate work at West Texas A&M University and earned his master’s degree from Baylor University. His resume includes experience in oil and gas, the travel industry and tech recruiting before he joined the Paycom team in October of 2021. As part of Paycom, Austin has worked in operations management and inside sales, but today he’s a corporate recruiter who’s passionate about connecting candidates with the exciting opportunities and unlimited growth potential of a career at Paycom.

As a senior recruiter, Austin partners with business units within our organization to understand their needs while introducing candidates to Paycom and guiding them through the interview process.

Here’s what Austin had to say about the benefits of working in the office.

What’s it like working for Paycom?

I had high expectations when I joined, and Paycom has exceeded all of them. I am surrounded by driven individuals who are willing to come together to complete hard tasks and achieve high goals.

What has it been like coming back to work at Paycom’s offices?

Working in the office has been a great motivator. Iron sharpens iron, and I work with amazing people who drive me to bring my best every day.

What is it like seeing your leaders at Paycom address business challenges and lead each day?

Paycom leaders engage employees in problem solving and value our opinions. We all have a hand in building and maintaining the culture at Paycom. It’s reassuring to know that leadership is giving us that responsibility.

What’s one benefit you’ve noticed in your career from being around motivated team members?

That you can’t just go through the motions or just get through the day. My co-workers are working hard to meet goals, and I need to ensure I am not holding the team back.

What are some of the on-site Paycom amenities you enjoy?

The gym and instructor-led classes have been a huge plus for me. It’s a convenient way to start my day on a positive note!

What are some benefits to working in an office that others might not consider?

The interactions with other team members that I would not get if I were working from home are great benefits. Finding that time to connect to talk through the issues we are facing and developing solutions together can’t be beat.

What’s one of your favorite memories that happened on Paycom’s campus?

Getting to start working at the new Grapevine campus is a great feeling.

How have you addressed work-life integration? How has Paycom supported you in this?

I’m diligent about scheduling my professional and personal life to ensure my cup in both areas is getting filled. My leaders have been adamant about finding more work-life balance. They encourage me to step away from work when necessary to reduce the chance of burnout.

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About the author
Author picture, Ashley Jezek
Ashley Jezek
As a recruiting marketer for Paycom, Ashley Jezek helps the recruiting teams determine their goals and assists with strategy development. Her efforts include campaign management, engaging with top talent and increasing brand awareness. After earning a public relations degree from the University of Oklahoma, Jezek served as marketing team lead for OU's Tom Love Innovation Hub and joined Paycom as a marketing database specialist. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, attending concerts and cooking.