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Employee Spotlight: Meet Ila

Bonny Calfy | September 21, 2018

Ila has been a Paycom software developer since March 2015. I reached out and asked to share her story.

Before working at Paycom, what was your experience like as a woman in the technology field?

I received my bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science and joined Paycom as a full-time software developer. I’ve been here for three years and spend most of my time coding and developing applications. Before starting my career, I completed internships and was a graduate assistant.

How does Paycom’s experience differ from other companies for women in technology?

Technology in general has been a male-dominated field for several years. Women in the tech industry are fighting for issues like salary difference and respect in the workplace. The environment is different at Paycom, and I believe this company is playing a crucial role in filling the gap of women in tech. Our male counterparts have the same amount of perks and rewards. The focus is on the improvement of your technological skills, and we have several women in authority and leadership positions in the technology department.

What opportunities does Paycom provide to women in its technology departments?

They offer females the same opportunities as our male counterparts. We have several women that are software developers, developer team leads and supervisors. These women have the opportunity to design, code and make major decisions regarding the projects affecting the present and future of the company.

How does Paycom stay above the average when it comes to women in technology roles?

Paycom provides opportunities to grow and innovate based on an individual’s skill set and interest in learning. We hire open-minded people with a belief in equality, and it counteracts the burden for women in technology who feel required to take extra steps to prove themselves.

What does your role as a woman in technology mean to you?

As a woman in technology, I feel it is my responsibility to encourage more women to invest in STEM degrees and participate in innovation. I love coding, and I have the opportunity to contribute to technology that touches people’s lives.

In what way does Paycom enrich that meaning?

At Paycom, I have the chance to work on essential projects that are used by people across the country. I love inspiring people to further their career in the field of technology. My leaders have encouraged me to give technology talks at different universities. In fact, my last talk was at the University of Oklahoma with the Association for Women in Computing.

How has Paycom played into your strengths?

I respond well to motivation. I love working on my assigned responsibilities and finishing them in a timely manner. The opportunities and rewards I have received make me a stronger woman. I am confident and able to inspire other women in the tech industry. I mentor new software developers, deliver technology talks outside of the company and have won the Most Valuable Programmer award. I am thankful for the trust of Paycom leaders.

How has Paycom affected your career in technology?

I have received awards, work with top-class talent in the tech industry and I am involved in the leadership program that works on real life projects. The program teaches employees to lead by learning from senior leaders in the company. The rewards have been endless for me.

What are your Paycom team members like and how do they treat you as a woman in tech?

I am on a team of 10 software developers, and I am the only female developer on the team. We work to accomplish the tasks assigned to us and manage differences. I have skilled co-workers, and I get to learn new things every day. We have regular code reviews, effective coding standards and attention to detail. Our team lead is a great mentor and brings creative ideas to improve the efficiency of our projects. I am treated equally to my male counterparts and well-respected as a team member.

Talk about the pride that stems from working as a woman in technology at Paycom.

I am proud of where I am. It’s not easy to travel 8,000 miles away from home and make an identity for yourself. As a woman, I want to make a difference in the tech industry by inspiring more women to join technology-related fields. I am honored and privileged to share my voice through this blog and to represent the women in technology at Paycom. I have received major accolades at this company, and I want to thank my mentors and leaders for their guidance, support and encouragement.

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