Written by Lauren Rogers

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HR Strategy

Organizing Digital and Physical Files for a More Productive Workplace

Digital Transformation

Why the Digital Transformation Will Fail Without HR


How to Hire and Onboard Great Employees for Your Restaurant

How-To Series

How to Get Organized and Create More Bandwidth as an HR Business Partner

Employee Benefits

How HR Can Help Employees with Mental Wellness

How-To Series

How To Find Turnover Hot Spots In Your Company

HR Compliance

What HR Needs to Know About the New Joint Employer Rule

Talent Acquisition

Sourcing Talent: 5 Steps to Recruiting Great Employees for Your Restaurant

How-To Series

Prove Their Worth: Creating and Using a Total Compensation Statement

How-To Series

Minimize Employee Confusion at Open Enrollment in 3 Steps

How-To Series

4 Steps to a Successful, Proactive Reorganization

How-To Series

Follow These 5 Steps for an Effective Internal I-9 Audit