Building a Powerful Retention Strategy Guide

In our historically tight labor market, simply attracting top talent isn’t enough — you need a strategy for retaining your best employees long-term. Furthermore, understanding the reasons why employees leave naturally and prematurely is necessary to cultivate and manage your burgeoning workforce. This guide details both the reasons for turnover and options you can exercise to satisfy exceptional personnel and secure them for the length of their careers.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the different reasons for turnover, both preventable and otherwise, is crucial for developing an effective retention strategy.
  • By regularly gathering employee feedback, you obtain a better understanding of what keeps them motivated and present.
  • There are several meaningful ways to positively influence your business’s retention that don’t require a steep financial investment.
  • Paycom has a comprehensive suite of talent acquisition and management tools to view, understand and ultimately boost your business’s retention.

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