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Every Second Counts ... And Costs

In our digital reality, the price of paper-based or outdated HR tasks is climbing. In fact, recent research from Ernst & Young found the average cost of performing a single manual entry of HR data is $4.70. As technology advances, the price of inefficiency will likely grow even higher.

But today, it’s not enough to just have solid HR tech — your workforce needs to actually use it. We have the power to complete tasks that used to take minutes or even hours in seconds, and this white paper will help you get the most out of this digital advantage.

Key Takeaways

  • Technology has made our personal and professional lives more efficient — and cost-effective.
  • By automating and streamlining common HR tasks, you improve the integrity of your employee data.
  • Self-service HR tech helps reduce errors from manual data entry that may spur steep compliance penalties.
  • By empowering your employees with their own data, your HR professionals are able to focus on higher-level, strategic endeavors.

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