Future-Proofing Your Workforce With Performance Reviews

How do you ensure your business’s long-term success? The leaders you’ll need in the future aren’t biding their time to show themselves. In fact, Harvard Business Review suggests that 60% of a business’s future roles could be filled by pre-existing employees — they just need the proper direction.

An effective performance review will help show your workforce the way and inspire them with a sense of purpose. Our guide explores the classic and emerging forms of employee evaluation and how, when wielded correctly, the process inspires your staff to elevate your organization.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the different styles of performance reviews, including 360-degree feedback and self-assessment.
  • Identify the best time and frequency of evaluations for your workforce.
  • Determine the right approach to compensation reviews with our step-by-step breakdown.
  • Learn how a comprehensive talent management suite automates the tedious aspects of the review process, allowing you to focus on your employees’ development.

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