Time to Fight Time Theft

Stop Time Theft in It's Tracks

The Problem
employee a

Employee A calls Employee B with a simple, seemingly harmless request:

employee b

"Hey, I'm running just a bit late.
Can you clock me in?"

employees a and b

Employee B happily complies; after all, Employee A is a good friend.

That’s called “buddy punching,” and like other instances of time theft inherent in companies lacking an automated time-and-attendance solution, it’s a form of fraud, period.
One minute here + one minute there = giant losses everywhere.

The Solution
clock face clock hour hand minute hand

Stop time theft in its tracks with Paycom.®

Find out more with this valuable Infographic

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Disclaimer: This calculator is based upon the American Payroll Association’s study estimating lost time due to buddy clock-punching. It is intended for estimation purposes only. It is not intended as legal opinion and should not be substituted for professional legal or tax advice. For full details of their study please visit the American Payroll Association website.