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Candidate Tracker

With Candidate Tracker, you can build a higher-quality talent pool, and keep close tabs on potential employees with true potential. Measure your ROI of recruiting efforts – and the impact of your employer brand – by gaining insight into where your prospect-networking dollars are best spent.

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Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking makes it easy to simplify your recruiting processes and hire the best people. Efficiently move candidates from the application process through onboarding without rekeying data, and customize your job postings to reflect your employer brand.

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Background Checks

Background Checks ensure your hires are qualified and do not present a risk to your employees, customers or business. Additionally, this tool can help you stay compliant and streamline your hiring processes, which in turn, can enhance your employer brand.

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Within Paycom’s tool, E-Verify® automates employment verification with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and reduces your exposure to audits and penalties from I-9 violations. Employees can complete I-9s online with Electronic Signature Verification (ESV), and you can securely store completed I-9s in the Paycom system.

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Talent Acquisition Analytics

Where are your best people coming from? How productive are your recruiters? How long is it taking you to fill positions? Our analytics tools give you insight into these metrics and more, providing the big-picture view you need to refine your process and your employer brand.

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Improve the employee experience and your employer brand by streamlining onboarding processes and helping new hires become contributors faster. Electronically assign tasks, set up checklists, and use the dashboard to monitor progress and keep new hires on track.

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Employee Self-Service®

Improve employee engagement and create advocates for your employer brand with our self-service tools. Empower your people to self-manage certain transactions, obtain quick answers to frequent payroll and HR questions, stay on track toward performance goals and access the training they need to grow.

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Paycom Learning

Give your employer brand advocates something to boast about with a digital learning experience that facilitates their professional development. Employees enjoy anytime, anywhere access to a central knowledge base to view content, share expertise and measure their progress.

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Performance Management

Improve the employee experience and, by extension, your employer brand. Align organizational goals with those of your workforce. Standardize positions with pay grades and performance goals, and streamline the review process with online employee self-reviews manager reviews and “360 reviews.”

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Surveys allows you to quickly create, distribute and analyze online employee surveys with ease. From exit surveys and stay surveys, to "rate the boss" questionnaires and other polls, gain powerful, real-time analytics that can help you identify and enhance your employer brand.

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Manager Self-Service

Manager Self-Service helps managers streamline processes that improve the employee experience, which in turn, helps shape a positive, authentic employer brand. Managers can get the big-picture view and access they need to set goals for employees, conduct performance reviews and more.

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