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Better Benefits Enrollment: Meeting Employees’ Needs Without the Hassle

Benefits administration is notoriously complicated, time-consuming and costly. A comprehensive study by Ernst & Young found the total cost of benefits enrollment tasks per employee is $80.94 when completed manually. On top of that, manually enrolling in or managing health insurance benefits can be confusing and stressful for employers and employees alike, creating an overwhelming and ineffective process.

Providing benefits that meet the needs of your workforce, especially during the onboarding process, is essential in today’s business environment and is a major factor in employee engagement and retention.

How can you make your benefits administration process even simpler and save time for more strategic matters while improving your employee experience?

Join us for this insightful webinar as we explore:

  • best practices for quickly and efficiently getting your employees enrolled in benefits
  • the value of a streamlined benefits enrollment process for you and your employees, on a single system with no data re-entry
  • actionable insights to engage your workforce and better the employee experience by directly connecting employees to their HR data
  • how self-service technology allows HR professionals to free themselves from monotonous tasks, enabling them to be more strategic

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