From Digital Transformation to Digital Reality

When: Available On Demand

Duration: 30 minutes

For more than a decade, the term “digital transformation” has been used to describe the rapid development of technology and the impact it has on the way we do business.  With the expansion of consumer-grade app technology in our everyday lives and in the workplace, it is evident now more than ever that we are now in the digital reality.

The growing rate of technological development compared to the rate of employee adoption of technology presents a striking gap. In these uncertain times, this gap is more prominent since many organizations’ tech is dependent on the employees being at work to function.

How can business leaders ensure their business remains productive and engaged during unforeseen interruptions?

In today’s webinar, we will discuss:

  • the shift from the digital transformation to the digital reality
  • identifying the digital reality gap and dependencies in your current strategy
  • steps on how to begin your employee continuity strategy
  • how having the right HCM technology can help drive productivity in remote settings

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