C-Suite Guide Series: How to Build an Employee Continuity Plan

When: Available On Demand

Duration: 30 minutes

Being agile and having the ability to adapt at a moment’s notice is becoming an essential factor for organizational success in today’s modern workspace. Out of this prevalent need often comes the development of a continuity plan, which helps to maintain core business functions when a major disruption occurs that causes the normal flow of business to drastically change.

According to a report from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, 40% of businesses do not reopen following a disaster. Companies today face an unprecedented number of risks. One way for leaders to overcome continuity challenges and ensure their plans prove effective is to incorporate an employee continuity process map into their overall strategy. Maintaining normal operations is important to not only the business’s bottom line, but also to its employees, as well as the community.

Do you have a way to get HR and other primary functions up and running so your company can continue to conduct business as usual?

In this webinar, we will be joined by Jennifer Kraszewski, Paycom’s vice president of human resources, to discuss:

  • how to identify the core functions needed for employees
  • the needed infrastructure to ensure employee continuity
  • technology’s role in executing a continuity analysis
  • surveys, government and compliance tools and Paycom’s learning experience platform, Paycom Learning

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