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See It in Action: Paycom’s Expense Management

Expense reports can be a tedious and time-consuming task for employees and managers alike, creating an overwhelming and frustrating experience. Using manual processes, employees spend valuable time tracking down receipts and filling out reports before the accounting department shuffles through paperwork, separating expenses into high-level categories by hand before beginning the reimbursement process.

Paycom’s Expense Management software eliminates the time spent chasing down employees and individual expenses as well as the pain point of employees manually entering their information. Paycom’s comprehensive platform creates an efficient and seamless experience for all stakeholders by streamlining the process.

Attend this intuitive deminar of Paycom’s Expense Management tool to learn:

  • how to accurately and efficiently manage expense reimbursement while improving the review and reporting experience for your employees, HR, accounting and leadership
  • the advantages of utilizing technology instead of risky, manual, paper-based processes
  • how our single database solution sets us apart from our competitors by housing critical expense management functionality in the same platform as all other HR and payroll tools

By attending this webinar, you consent to sharing your information and will be contacted by a Paycom representative.

If you are a Paycom client, please consult the webinar calendar in the Paycom Help Menu within your client-side login. There, you can find training webinars specific to Paycom users.

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