Care is paramount

Learn how Paycom's payroll and HR software can help your role.

Health Care

Care is paramount. But in order to provide it, you have to run a business. Paycom’s payroll and HR software can help you overcome your industry’s unique challenges.

Operating seamlessly from one application, we help with cost containment, regulatory compliance and recruitment and retention of qualified caregivers and staff.

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Challenge 1: Talent Shortages vs. High Demand

Today’s health care worker shortage of 7.2 million is expected to increase by 79 percent over the next 20 years. This, combined with an aging population and an increased number of insured Americans, makes finding, hiring and keeping top talent more important than ever.

Paycom’s all-in-one payroll and HR technology can help you recruit and retain your best employees, overcome shortages and meet demand.

With Paycom, you can...

  • create a database of potential candidates, searchable by certification, license, degree and more
  • run background checks and E-Verify® with the click of a button
  • monitor your recruiting program to remain EEO/OFCCP-compliant
  • empower employees to swap or pick up shifts through Employee Self-Service®
  • align compensation plans and performance initiatives with outcome-based goals

Challenge 2: Changing Industry Landscape

With legislative measures and industry-specific paradigm shifts on the horizon that affect the way health care employees are scheduled and compensated, being in a position to proactively manage changes is crucial to maintaining operational efficiency.

Paycom’s scalable, all-in-one HR and payroll solution can help empower human resource departments to act strategically, achieve current business initiatives and establish processes today that can meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Paycom can help you...

  • eliminate manual, repetitive payroll tasks and automate processes like wage garnishment
  • track shift differentials and associated earnings
  • easily comply with FLSA, FMLA, EEO, COBRA and ACA regulations
  • manage labor costs with extensive, customizable reporting
  • enjoy peace of mind, knowing that all documents are securely stored and meet HIPAA standards

Challenge 3: Workplace Safety

Due to the high injury rate among health care workers, the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) is targeting the common causes of workplace injuries as part of its facility inspection efforts.

With Paycom’s single-database human capital management system, you can remain compliant with OSHA recordkeeping and reporting requirements, create and maintain a safety-focused culture and reduce costs.

In addition, you can...

  • avoid understaffing with advanced scheduling tools
  • add safety training modules to new-hire checklists
  • track and record employees’ course completions, pass vs. fail rates, quiz statistics and more
  • incorporate safety training results in the performance review process

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