Payroll and HR challenges can make or break a retailer. We can help you find and retain qualified employees, schedule them effectively and avoid regulatory pitfalls.

Finding and keeping the best

Recruiting and training new employees can be expensive, but it costs even more to replace current ones. Our HR management software can help you:

  • instantly perform E-Verify® and background checks
  • offer flexible scheduling options
  • empower employees with 24/7 access to their own HR information from anywhere
  • empower managers to approve employee timecards, check team schedules and more, through their mobile device

Accurate forecasting for labor and budgets

No two days are ever the same, so you and your staff need to be ready for anything. Paycom’s robust reporting and powerful analytics can help you:

  • optimize schedules to respond to any seasonal spike
  • get a big-picture view of overtime, turnover, head count and more
  • forecast for labor shortages, wage hikes or overtime expenses
  • benefit from federal Work Opportunity Tax Credits

Complying with employment law

Legislation keeps changing, and it’s your job to respond. Paycom can help you and your staff keep tabs on relevant laws with tools that:

  • set, monitor and reinforce ACA thresholds for hourly employees
  • easily meet ACA-required employer reporting standards
  • securely store FMLA, EFMLA, OSHA, workers’ comp, EEO, COBRA, FFCRA and CARES Act info
  • quickly access all permits, licenses, training, I-9s, and HR records 24/7
  • instantly perform E-Verify® and background checks

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