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Today’s consumers place tremendous value on their experience. To deliver a great one, you need courteous, efficient employees.

Paycom’s single-database payroll and HR solution helps streamline your workflow, improve efficiency and lower labor costs.

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Challenge 1: Reducing Turnover

Studies show that to replace an entry-level employee, it costs retailers 16 percent of that employee’s annual salary. Multiply those costs by a high industry turnover rate and it becomes clear that retailers pay a high price for workforce churn.

Paycom’s all-in-one human capital management system can help retailers reduce turnover and cut costs by streamlining the hiring process and increasing employee engagement.

With Paycom you can...

  • perform background checks and E-Verify® with the click of a button
  • improve new-hire productivity with paperless onboarding
  • empower employees through Employee Self-Service®
  • offer easily accessible, flexible scheduling options
  • create customized, scalable training programs

Challenge 2: Labor Forecasting and Budgeting

For retailers, matching human capital resources with anticipated seasonal demand is a delicate balancing act. Paycom’s comprehensive reporting capabilities deliver powerful workforce analytics that can help you avoid understaffing, avoid overstaffing and stay within your labor budget.

Use Paycom’s Time and Labor Management tools to...

  • optimize scheduling to capitalize on seasonal spikes
  • respond in real time to changes in demand
  • get overtime dollars, head count and year-to-date turnover numbers
  • prepare for labor shortages, wage increases and overtime expansion
  • secure potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in Work Opportunity Tax Credits

Challenge 3: ACA Compliance

Since its inception in 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has grown in scope and complexity. Meeting the ever-changing requirements can be difficult for retailers, whose workforce consists of part-time, full-time and seasonal employees.

With Enhanced ACA from Paycom, you can easily comply with all aspects of the ACA, monitor labor allocation and remain abreast of changes that affect your business.

Paycom can help you...

  • establish weekly hours worked thresholds
  • receive alerts when part-time employees are approaching 30 hours per week
  • maintain employment records and time sheets of seasonal employees
  • get alerts on key events that affect Applicable Large Employer status
  • stay informed of legislative updates
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