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Hotels Outsourcing Payroll and HR Software Save in Many Ways

In recent years, businesses in the hotel and hospitality industries have implemented “eco-friendly,” operations and for many, that includes incorporating online payroll and HR software. But for the hotel and hospitality industries, there are more benefits to using online payroll and HR software than just reducing their carbon footprint.

Hotels Go Paperless With Online Payroll and HR Software

According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center recently joined an effort to conserve and save resources, including going paperless where possible, specifically payroll. Their employees can see payroll statements online, eliminating the need to print paychecks. Other companies using online HR software are reducing their paper consumption with online tracking, reporting and document storage capabilities.

Hotels Operate More Efficiently with Online Payroll and HR Software

Hotels and other multi-location businesses in the hospitality industry can provide real-time, standardized access to employee information with online hotel payroll and HR software. Employees are able to process payroll, run reports and make changes from anywhere with an Internet connection which helps to automate processes and improve efficiency.

When Shopping for a Hotel Payroll and HR Software Vendor, Consider the Following:

  • Do they provide data storage for active or terminated employees so you can easily re-hire workers?
  • How do they manage garnishments?
  • What tools are in place to ensure minimum wage compliance?
  • How easy is it to make employee changes to demographics, pay rates, taxes, deductions, accruals and HR data?
  • Can you track and store pertinent data on FMLA, OSHA, Workers’ Comp, EEO, permits, licenses, training, the filing of I-9s, disciplinary actions, turnover reasons and any other relevant hotel and hospitality information?

Whether trying to reduce costs, carbon footprints or the time it takes to process payroll, businesses in the hotel and hospitality industry can save in many ways with the right online payroll and HR software.

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