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HR & Payroll Software Built for Large Companies

The only comprehensive HR enterprise software you will ever need.

Employee-managed data for companywide wins

Whether you employ hundreds or thousands of people, one easy-to-use enterprise human resources software is all you need. Employees manage every aspect of HR and payroll data in a seamless user experience.

As they do, HR shifts from transactional duties to transformational strategies, with benefits across your organization:

  • higher data accuracy
  • lower compliance risk
  • stronger employee engagement

Agility and accountability help boost compliance

The larger the business, the larger the exposure. But as the high stakes of compliance grow evermore complex, vulnerability decreases when employees are accountable for their own information. Because they know it best, they’ll make sure it’s right.

And because we’re constantly innovating our HR enterprise software, we make updates to help you comply with new federal and state regulations.

Big-picture analytics to drilled-down details

With our HR and payroll software for large companies, reporting capabilities aren’t small. All workforce data can be monitored and measured in real time. Whether customizable or predefined, reports are simple and quick to generate for more informed decisions.

Plus, only Paycom’s enterprise human resources software can prove its own worth to drive 100% adoption for maximum ROI.

The tools you need


  • automatically builds and manages payroll through an employee-driven experience
  • identifies errors and guides employees to resolve them before submission for accurate checks
  • helps decrease employer liability with increased process oversight

Direct Data Exchange®

  • keep a finger on the pulse of your business in real time
  • instantly gauge workforce efficiencies gained through companywide HR tech usage
  • empower employees to take responsibility for data accuracy with 24/7 access to HR information

Paycom Learning

  • ensure consistent training companywide, regardless of head count or location
  • create your own courses or use those in the built-in compliance library
  • avoid the hassle and travel costs of traditional training methods

Manager on-the-Go®

  • allow managers to complete essential supervisory tasks anywhere, anytime
  • keep employee requests for approvals from piling up
  • decrease employer liability with improved data accuracy

Position Management

  • tie attributes to a position, not an individual, for simplified personnel categorizing
  • reduce risk of human error when adding, moving, promoting or terminating employees
  • automatically update position-appropriate changes systemwide

Ask Here

  • automatically route employee questions to the appropriate personnel companywide
  • decrease foot traffic, phone calls and emails across your organization
  • store conversations in one secure dashboard, accessible 24/7
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