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Career Growth Spotlight: Meet A’Mari

Ashley Jezek | July 15, 2022

If you’re looking for a company where you can fuel your development with new opportunities and new challenges, you should consider Paycom. No matter the team or department, you’ll find ways to make dynamic growth part of your career!

If you need proof, just ask A’Mari. In her nearly eight years at Paycom, she’s been an active contributor to a variety of departments as she took on unique challenges and found new ways to excel.

We recently interviewed A’Mari about her Paycom journey.

What’s the main reason you chose a career at Paycom?

I was looking for stability and the opportunity to grow! Before Paycom, I worked in the oil industry and was ready for something more consistent. I was also very early in my career out of college, so I wanted to be in a place where I could grow and do things that challenged me.

Briefly share the departments/roles you’ve served in at Paycom.

I started almost eight years ago as a business-to-consumer EDI coordinator. I loved the role so much that I moved over to the Learning and Development (L and D) department as their first trainer. In L and D, I moved into training our implementation and service teams on our suite of products. I then moved to be the team leader over the group that managed that program.

Working in L and D broadened my product knowledge and my love of our learning management system, so I moved over to be a product manager over Paycom Learning. Eventually, I moved to team leader over the product managers who drive product strategy and development. Team leader over the payroll product came next, and now I am now lucky enough to be stepping into the role of manager of product management over our payroll group!

To what do you attribute your growth at Paycom?

Adaptability and willingness to view change as an opportunity. Paycom is ever-changing — it’s part of being a growing company. If we don’t change and adapt as a company, there is no way for us to keep up with the industry and market. The same is true for us as employees. I won’t say every change is always easy, but I have been around long enough to see that “change in all things is sweet.” Things always end up in a good place. With that in mind, I look at every change as an opportunity to identify a new skill set that I could build or a new need that I could fill. I have never turned down an opportunity to do something that challenged me, even if sometimes it was scary. I can say confidently that it has served me well!

How does working at Paycom make you feel?

Proud and humbled all at the same time! I’m proud to work at a company that does something so important. We get to impact millions of people who work at thousands of companies every single day. That same thought is very humbling. I am a small part of something so much bigger. The experience I’ve been able to get from working here and the incredible people I have the privilege to work with, be led by and learn from is honestly just so beyond what I ever expected.

Why are your career goals a good fit at Paycom?

The reasons I came here eight years ago are the same reasons I’m here today. I have the stability of a successful and innovative company, and with that comes opportunities to challenge myself to do better and be better.

What would you tell someone considering a career at Paycom?

You will never meet people better than the ones here. And ultimately, that’s what makes a good company great. The co-workers, leaders and mentors you will meet here are what enable you to grow the most, and they are second to none.

A’Mari is making a difference! Are you ready to do something meaningful at a company where you can grow? Browse our job opportunities and apply today.

About the author
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Ashley Jezek
As a recruiting marketer for Paycom, Ashley Jezek helps the recruiting teams determine their goals and assists with strategy development. Her efforts include campaign management, engaging with top talent and increasing brand awareness. After earning a public relations degree from the University of Oklahoma, Jezek served as marketing team lead for OU's Tom Love Innovation Hub and joined Paycom as a marketing database specialist. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, attending concerts and cooking.