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The Path to Sales Success: Training, Enablement and Beyond

Jessica Melo | January 15, 2021

For current or aspiring sales professionals on the path to career success, the need for effective training is a given. But what should this training look like? And what is the next logical step?

As Vice President of Sales Strategy and Enablement for Paycom, I constantly look for ways to make sure our sales representatives are positioned to reach their full professional potential. The goal is not to make their jobs easier; it is to make them more efficient. This means harnessing technology like our cutting-edge Paycom Learning platform, fostering an environment of constant coaching and mentorship and performing analyses to locate potential areas of improvement in our sales processes.

From new-hire development to continuing education, simply putting tasks in a learning management system and tracking their completion is not enough. Much of what makes Paycom such a fast-moving organization — not just in terms of growth, but also new ideas — is our ability to maintain a rate of learning that equals or exceeds our rate of change. For an example of this principle in action, consider the changes in behaviors, technology and processes we’ve experienced in 2020. Where sales departments in other organizations might struggle to keep up with the pace of change, Paycom’s sales professionals have been equipped for aggressive expansion of our client base.

This brings us to the importance of sales enablement, which I like to think of as the interwoven elements — marketing, operations, sales management and even IT resources — that ultimately lead to successful performance. Think of it as a racecar with sales as the engine. No matter how powerful the engine, the car needs dependable tires, premium gas, a dedicated pit crew and other elements in order to win. A huge part of sales enablement at Paycom is understanding the interrelationship between the technology, processes and resources necessary to get us across the finish line with a healthy lead.

And because every member of our team has, at some point, worked as a Paycom executive rep, we’re able to approach the training and development of new reps with a built-in expertise. Keeping up with academic research on learning and behavior is important, but there’s no substitute for the experiential foundation that comes with having done the work ourselves.

The demonstrable result is a sales staff that feels empowered to hit their numbers and develop their skills. Great things are possible when you know your organization has your back, and great things await those who become executive representatives at Paycom.

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About the author
Author picture, Jessica Melo
Jessica Melo
As executive director of sales training for Paycom, Melo oversees new hire and intern development, leadership training and continuous education. A graduate of Rutgers University, she holds a managerial economics professional certificate from Dartmouth College and a business strategy professional certificate from Cornell University. Outside of work, Melo is a supporter of wildlife and anti-animal cruelty organizations.