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Your guests expect an experience and giving it requires running a well-oiled machine. But rising costs, labor shortages and compliance burdens make it tough.

Paycom’s all-in-one payroll and HR software helps find and schedule great workers and lowers labor costs. Paycom works seamlessly with your POS system, making it easy to manage garnishments and claim FICA tax credits.

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Challenge 1: The Rising Cost of Doing Business

For restaurant operators working with a razor-thin profit margin, increases in any cost center of the business could drastically impact the bottom line. Especially when one of those increases affects labor expenses, which typically represent 30 to 35 percent of a restaurant’s total sales.

With Paycom’s all-in-one human capital management technology, you can offset the costs of impending wage increases and streamline workforce management processes.

Paycom makes it easy to...

  • monitor and control overtime costs across multiple EINs
  • cut the time managers spend creating and assigning schedules
  • avoid over/understaffing with extensive workforce analytics, accessible from anywhere
  • eliminate rekeying and maintain accuracy with a single solution that’s POS-compatible
  • comply with all ACA requirements
  • avoid liability with customizable employee training for anything from food and workplace safety to harassment prevention

Challenge 2: Taxes and Compliance

Restaurant payroll can be really complicated. And nothing is more important than accurately paying your payroll taxes and employees on time.

Paycom’s automated solution can help you easily process payroll, maximize tax credits, mitigate risk and avoid penalties.

With Paycom you can...

  • accurately calculate wage garnishments, blended/weighted overtime, tip credit and tip pool tip-outs
  • have peace of mind, knowing that your payroll, payroll taxes and deposits will be handled securely and on time
  • secure the maximum number of available Work Opportunity Tax Credits
  • run background checks and E-Verify® with the click of a button
  • store I-9, FMLA, OSHA, workers’ comp, EEOC and COBRA information

Challenge 3: Talent Shortages

Over the next decade, the restaurant industry will add 1.7 million new jobs. This dynamic growth, coupled with talent shortages, makes hiring the right employees and reducing turnover more important than ever.

Paycom’s single-database payroll and HR management system makes it possible to easily and cost-effectively find and hire the best candidates, develop your employees and minimize attrition.

Paycom can help you...

  • build a customized database autopopulated from applications
  • identify top candidates from a contact history searchable by skill set, certification or license
  • automatically filter out unqualified applicants
  • set performance and advancement goals for managers and top employees
  • measure employee satisfaction and pinpoint true sources of turnover with survey tools

Restaurant Industry Case Study

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Tax Credits Case Study

Food Franchisee Uses Paycom’s Tax Credits Service to Add $447,000 to Bottom Line.

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