401(k) Reporting

Simplify the complex process of transferring sensitive employee data to your 401(k) provider.

No more manual data assembly or wrestling with files that won’t upload.

We work with your provider to model your payroll data to their exact needs.

No matter their specifications, our automated process saves you from re-keying data every payroll.

Man checking a 401k report on the Paycom app.

Our 401(k) reporting software:

  • customizes, maps and automates your 401(k) plan report to meet carrier’s specific instructions
  • automatically creates a custom report after each payroll is processed and finalized
  • automatically delivers that report to your carrier and to your secure client inbox the next day

Our automated 401(k) reporting process greatly reduces errors in:

employee names icon

employee names

Social Security numbers icon

Social Security numbers

wages and salaries icon

wages and salaries

employee and employer contributions icon

employee and employer contributions

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