Applicant Tracking

Streamline your recruiting and hiring processes so you don’t lose top talent to the competition.

From one place, our applicant tracking software lets you:

  • automatically post open positions to top online job boards
  • allow candidates to set preferred interview times
  • view all candidate information front-and-center, including interview availability
  • conduct and track all conversations, including subsequent emails outside the system, reducing the risk of losing qualified candidates
  • keep high-interest prospects on your radar by allowing them to provide information without applying
  • send customizable offer letters for digital acceptance
  • make hiring decisions with the click of a button
  • move new hires to background checks and onboarding with no data re-entry

Key analytics and reports in our applicant tracking system allow you to:

  • identify which career sites and job boards drive the most qualified applicants
  • see each position’s number of views, applicants, offers and hires
  • track days to fill by position, department, recruiter or hiring manager
  • ensure candidates comply with EEOC and OFCCP guidelines
  • customize a wide range of hiring information for analysis
Employer checking their customizable candidate database on the Paycom iPad app.

Keep tabs on candidates with true potential.

Not everyone you want to work for your company is ready to apply, but we can help turn passive applicants into active ones, for a higher-quality talent pool. With our talent acquisition software, you can:

  • build a directory of talent from resumes, searchable by school, degree, skill set, previous employer, ZIP code radius, follow-up and more
  • organize candidates in folders and with tags for simple searching
  • measure ROI of recruiting efforts to reveal where prospect-networking dollars are best spent

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