Background Checks

Easily and efficiently ensure your new hires are qualified to work and don’t present a business risk.

Exercise due diligence with background checks software that:

  • requires no data re-entry
  • provides instant results based on more than 300 million criminal records and 10 million previous searches
  • autopopulates an applicant’s information systemwide when chosen to hire
  • lets you screen current employees at any time, for further peace of mind
  • offers a variety of drug testing and health services
Woman conducting a background check with Paycom's Background Checks software.

Our company background checks software helps you maintain Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance, with tools for:

  • authorizing employment background checks
  • creating pre-adverse and adverse action letters
  • secure storage of results accessible only by authorized users

Key databases searched include:

national criminal database icon

national criminal database

Social Security validation icon

Social Security validation

sex offender registry icon

sex offender registry

national security/terrorist watchlists icon

national security/terrorist watchlists

county criminal histories icon

county criminal histories

name and address traces icon

name and address traces

further options based on position or industry needs icon

further options based on position or industry needs

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