Garnishment Administration

Reduce your company’s liability regarding wage garnishment by sending your orders to us.

We will interpret, enter and take liability for the garnishment orders you provide.

Don’t worry about managing garnishments from different states, either – we’ll take care of that, too.

This mitigates your risk of penalties and lawsuits, plus reduces your time and resources spent calculating and tracking.

HR professional interpreting a garnishment order with Paycom's Garnishment Administration.

Our full-service garnishments administration software:

  • removes your headache and hassle of responding to orders and interpreting state rules
  • mitigates your risk of noncompliance
  • reconciles payment amounts, calculations and third-party payees, and balances all deductions every pay period
  • administers and sends all required payments and documentation
  • notifies third-party payees when an employee’s status changes
  • sends orders to employees through our self-service app

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