HR Management

Automate your core processes – all within a single software.


Transitioning HR into a talent- and retention-focused powerhouse can seem overwhelming.


But with the right strategy and Paycom’s single software, we can help shape your culture into one that fosters retention through understanding and accountability for a brighter tomorrow.



Direct Data Exchange®


  • keep a finger on the pulse of your business in real time
  • instantly gauge workforce efficiencies gained through companywide HR tech usage
  • empower employees to take responsibility for data accuracy with 24/7 access to HR information

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Tools for Managers

  • allow managers to complete essential supervisory tasks at their desk with Manager Self-Service or on the move with Manager on-the-Go®
  • keep employee requests for approvals from piling up
  • managers can access only what you allow

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Documents and Checklists

  • create, assign, archive and retrieve documents quickly
  • create and assign tasks to streamline onboarding
  • securely store documents in multiple off-site backup locations

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benefits administration software

Benefits Administration

  • gives employees 24/7 access to review plans and select benefits
  • allows them to test how deductions would affect take-home pay
  • reduces risk of HIPAA or COBRA violations since no data re-entry is required

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enhanced ACA software

Enhanced ACA

  • easy help for complying with the Affordable Care Act
  • tracks your ACA employer status and more
  • gain peace of mind with proactive alerts

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Ask Here

  • automatically routes employee questions to the appropriate personnel companywide
  • decreases foot traffic, phone calls and emails across your organization
  • stores conversations in one secure dashboard, accessible 24/7

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report center software

Report Center

  • customize real-time reports on any system data
  • gain a big-picture view or drill down to details
  • schedule recurring reports to autogenerate

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paf software

Personnel Action Forms

  • reduce the compliance risk of physical forms
  • create a secure record of approvals by key decision-makers
  • streamline the process of position management

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government and compliance software

Government and Compliance

  • monitors and helps you comply with federal and state legislation impacting your business
  • keeps your employee data accurate and consistent
  • offers real-time insight with reports in government-required format

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cobra software

COBRA Administration

  • auto-generates required actions when qualifying events are entered
  • sends required correspondence and tracks important dates
  • quickly updates to changes in COBRA laws

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surveys software

Paycom Surveys

  • gain open, honest and actionable employee feedback
  • mobile access makes 24/7 completion a breeze
  • instantly view and customize results

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401(k) reporting software

401(k) Reporting

  • customizes, maps, automates and securely delivers your 401(k) plan report
  • models your payroll data to your carrier’s exact needs
  • saves you from re-keying data every payroll

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