Paycom Learning

Easily and consistently train your employees as you engage them with ongoing development.

Employees can complete assigned courses at their convenience, 24/7, through our self-service app.

Create your own courses or use our built-in library of compliance courses on foundational topics.

Access an additional collection of more than 225 courses in English and Spanish on topics important to your industry.

Ensure consistent instruction across workforce, regardless of head count or physical locations.

Our learning management system (LMS) software allows you to:

  • avoid the burden and travel costs of traditional training methods
  • assign courses to one employee or all employees with the touch of a button
  • ensure your workforce receives consistent instruction, even across different departments, buildings or states
  • customize training to suit your company’s needs and align with performance goals
  • easily edit and upload quick videos for informal microlearning
  • provide feedback to employees uploading proof of skills mastery through their mobile device
  • gain access to complimentary compliance and leadership training courses, as well as additional collections of industry-specific courses
  • include quizzes to test comprehension
  • track assignees’ progress and completion of courses through our Course Status Dashboard
  • incorporate individual results into performance reviews

Right on course

Corporate training, management training, sales training, customer service training – whatever your business needs, our LMS delivers an interactive learning experience.


Its innovative Video Content Creator and Performance Evidence features take learning to the next level, creating a feedback loop between employees and managers.

Man completes LMS Training on laptop

Courses available to you with Paycom Learning for your unlimited use include:

  • preventing discrimination and harassment
  • workplace ethics
  • cybersecurity
  • preventing workplace violence
  • encouraging a substance-free workplace
  • diversity and equal employment opportunities
  • anti-bribery and antitrust laws
  • interviewing and hiring best practices
  • lawful termination
  • and more – all in one app

Paycom Content Subscriptions are also available, tailored to:

  • construction
  • health and safety management
  • manufacturing
  • OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom)
  • OSHA's Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standards (HAZWOPER)
  • personal protective equipment
  • transportation
  • and more, with 225+ courses in English and Spanish

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