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Time and Labor Management

Track and manage your greatest asset – your employees – all within a single software.


Your employees are your greatest asset and your greatest expense. As labor costs rise, ensure your processes are built to boost efficiencies.


Leverage our tools to manage labor and engage employees as you process payroll and track time within a single software.




time and attendance software

Time and Attendance

  • submission, editing and approval of hours worked, all online
  • approved time to flow systemwide, eliminating data re-entry
  • flexibility, customization and easy search functionality

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  • control and forecast labor to avoid over- and understaffing
  • create and edit schedules and shift templates
  • allow employees to swap and pick up shifts

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time clock software

Time Clocks and Terminals

  • available as web-based or physical terminals
  • prevent unauthorized punches through geofencing and IP address filtering
  • control in/out times so employees are paid only for scheduled shifts

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labor management software

Labor Allocation

  • ensure labor is correctly assigned upon employee clock-in
  • view job costs among different locations or roles
  • customize tracking of hours based on role, responsibility and/or location

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