Feb. 07, 2020

Work doesn’t stop coming in when you’re not at your desk. That’s why we created Manager on-the-Go. This revolutionary enhancement to the Paycom mobile app helps managers make the most of their day by empowering them to complete essential tasks involving their employees – anytime, anywhere.

In this HR Break Room Take 5, a manager and an HR professional talk about how their use of Manager on-the-Go impacts their workday.

Host Caleb Masters is also joined by HR Bartender’s Sharlyn Lauby, to discuss Manager on-the-Go’s functionality, including:

  • editing and approving timecards
  • approving time-off requests
  • approving expenses
  • and more


Schedule a demo to learn even more about Paycom’s new Manager on-the-Go.



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About HR Break Room

HR Break Room is a podcast from your friends working in human resources, dedicated to bringing you interesting break room conversations with experts on the hot topics of HR and HR Technology, one cup of coffee at a time. Hosted by Caleb Masters and Chelsea Justice, HR Break Room is designed to inspire you to harness the power of HR technology to empower your people and organization.

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