Benefits to Onboarding

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Acclimating new hires to your workplace can be chaotic, what with setting up payroll, submitting a W-4 and assigning training, just for starters. An onboarding system, however, greatly simplifies the process, yielding not just a happier workforce all around, but benefits both immediate and long-term.

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How Paycom can help

  • Quickly find, hire and onboard desirable candidates, who are the hardest to locate in a talent shortage.
  • Shorten gaps in the hiring process that can frustrate top talent and make them susceptible to a competitor’s offer.
  • Incorporate the “we find you” sourcing model and intentionally search for passive candidates.
  • Begin the onboarding process before a new hire’s first day, to set the stage for an ideal employee experience and bolster retention from the start.